How To Make Better Chiropractic Videos for Facebook Ads

A lot of Chiropractors are on Facebook & Instagram trying to capture new patients and bring them into their office for care. It’s become “par for the course” for Chiropractors to be attempting to drive in leads with a generic “New Patient Special”, but falling short in getting long-lasting results.

The reason why is because you’re trying to pull leads out of a cold audience. These people don’t know you, and the likelihood of them blindly signing up for your offer drastically decreases if you have not built any rapport with them.

If you want to get leads from Facebook and Instagram, you first need to build a “relationship” with your local audience. And one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through the use of Chiropractic educational videos.

With an educational video, you’re going to be able to talk to your audience about health problems they are experiencing, why they are experiencing those issues and solutions on how they can get those health problems to go away. The reason you want to be doing this is because it allows you to establish a relationship with the people in your community. This is the kindle that starts the fire.

Why Make Chiropractic Videos?

  1. Positioning Yourself As the Expert
    • Video content allows you to showcase your expertise to your local market. People will get to see you first hand talk about symptoms and Chiropractic care without even having to be in your office. The rapport and trust you build through video content is extremely powerful and important for building credibility.
  2. Patient Education
    • The Dental industry has done a really good job at educating and positioning ongoing dental care for everyone. The Chiropractic industry has not had that luxury. People in your community need your healthcare service but there is a knowledge gap. They don’t even know what you do or how you can help them. Many times people don’t even realize they are showing symptoms of something you can treat. Or they’re not showing symptoms at all! Use this as an opportunity to provide education on spinal health and how it plays a role for the entire body.
  3. Local “Celebrity” Status
    • In order to dominate your market, you want to be the local Chiropractic celebrity. When someone in your community decides that they need Chiropractic care, you want your name to be the first to come to mind. Building robust educational videos is going to help you establish that celebrity and name recognition status in your community.

Tips For Making Chiropractic Facebook Videos

Here are some quick tips that will help increase the quality of production for your chiropractic videos and help you get the most out of these assets.

  • Record Vertically

People will most likely be viewing your videos on a mobile device. So by recording your videos in the vertical orientation, you’ll be able to post these videos to your Stories and then crop them into squares for the regular News Feed. If you’re going to post on your website or YouTube, you may want to record horizontally. Or better yet, do both!

  • Keep Your Videos Short

People have short attention spans, especially on social media. Typically videos that are 1 – 3 minutes in length are going to get you the best results. It’s okay to go a little longer, but no one is logging into Facebook to watch a 20-minute lesson on back pain. Don’t get lost in the weeds. Stick to high-level themes and get your point across.

  • Avoid Selling

The point of the video is to provide value to the user and to build trust. If you try to pitch your service at the end of the video too heavily, you’re going to lose credibility. Use these videos as an opportunity to establish rapport and build your trust with your audience. You’ll have better luck “selling” them later once they become more familiar with you and your expertise.

  • Change Up The Setting

Don’t always record in the same place. Use different background settings so all of your videos don’t look the same. If you use the same background every time, all the videos will look too similar and people will think they’ve seen it before. Shake it up and get creative with where you are recording your videos.

  • Make The Content Valuable

Don’t focus on you or your office. People don’t really care about that. Focus on ways you can provide value to them first. Give them content that is going to be helpful and valuable to them and make their life better. Talk about their problems and solutions to those problems.

  • Use Props & Visuals

Try to include something visual to make your video engaging. Spine props are normal to you, but they are not to regular people. Use it to educate and showcase your knowledge. It will grab their attention a lot better than you just talking to the camera. If a prop is not appropriate for the topic, use a whiteboard, or some other visual that is engaging.

  • Record For An Audience of 1

If you’re not used to being on camera, it can be intimidating and alter the way you speak and act. Put yourself in the mindset when you are recording that you’re simply talking to 1 person. Act like you’re talking to someone close to you like a significant other. Slow your speech and be yourself. People connect with authenticity.

  • Make The Recording High Quality

Poor quality video, audio, and lighting can kill a video. If the lighting is poor or they can’t hear you well, people will not watch it. Test your video quality, your lighting, and your audio to make sure you’re recording high-quality content that you can actually get people to watch. 

Equipment For Recording Chiropractic Facebook Videos

Unless you’re a professional videographer, it’s unlikely you’ll have high-end recording equipment available to shoot your videos. The good news is that you don’t need it. There are extremely budget-friendly ways to get great Chiropractic videos.

  • Camera:

Most newer smartphones have incredible cameras on them already. So it’s very likely you can get away with just simply using the camera on your phone for the recording. The front-facing cameras are even getting so good that you can get away with just using that so you can simultaneously see yourself as you record. Sometimes that’s helpful, or sometimes it makes you too self-conscious. If so, stick to your rear camera.

  • Audio:

If you’re using your smartphone, the audio quality can suffer. To fix this, you can buy a Lapel Mic with a long cord on it that plugs right into your phone. Run this under your shirt and pin it near your collar so it can pick up your voice easily. This is a cheap fix for drastically increasing the quality of the audio in your recordings.

  • Lighting:

Bad lighting can ruin a video. Natural light is best, so recording with open windows can help make the lighting feel more natural. Additionally, you can get inexpensive lights that can really help increase the quality of the lighting in your videos. 

Here is an example of a ring light that is also a stand that holds onto your phone.

Simply put your phone into the clamp, run your lapel mic, turn on the light, and you’re ready to record a well lit video that has great audio quality.

Facebook Video Ideas for Chiropractors

If you need help with ideas on what to talk about, start jotting down the most frequently asked questions from your patients. If you hear a question from a patient more than once, it’s likely going to be valuable to make a video on that topic. Start with the most common questions first, and work down from there.

Alternatively, if there are topics that you wish your patient base was more educated on, create content based on that. Focus on the most popular issues that your patient base is dealing with and provide valuable insights into those problems, where they come from, and how to fix them.

If you struggle to come up with topics, use online resources to see what others are asking about online. Then answer those questions. is an online tool that lets you see the questions people are already asking. You can use those questions as topics for your videos. Here’s an example of a bunch of questions people ask about “back pain”.

There really are not wrong topic ideas. If it’s somehow related to chiropractic care, it’s likely your patience and local community could benefit from some education on it.

Examples of Chiropractic Educational Videos

Here are some examples of local Chiropractors that made educational videos for their community.

Posting Chiropractic Videos to Facebook & Instagram

The primary goal of these videos is to publish on your social media outlets. Primarily Facebook and Instagram. But also consider using your Chiropractic videos in other places.

  • Start a YouTube channel as a good “archive” for your content that you can reference to your patients later.
  • Send out this educational content via email using your patient lists so you can continue educating patients at home – including inactive ones. This might spark some reactivations.
  • Post these on your website using a blog. Pair it with written content to help provide deep knowledge for people researching online. This also helps with your search engine rankings.

When posting, make sure you don’t post them all at once. Spread the content out over time and be consistent. Make sure you’re posting fresh content on a regular basis to keep things churning out. You want to be showing up consistently over a long period of time in order to stay top of mind with everyone in your local market.

On social, put some ad spend behind your videos to promote them and get them out there more to your local market. Drive engagement to your videos by spending ad spend for promotion. This allows your videos to get seen by a much larger audience.

Once they’ve seen your video, retarget them with more videos, and eventually your New Patient Special to get them into your office. People engaging with your videos are the best audience to convert into patients. They’re obviously invested in their own health and are listening to what you have to say.

Nick is the Founder of CHIROBASIX, a marketing agency that specializes in helping Chiropractors dominate their local markets and drive new patient acquisition.

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