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Reputation Management for Chiropractors

Online reviews, ratings, and testimonials are essential for establishing trust in your community. Social Proof builds credibility and trust with others considering chiropractic care.

We’ll help you grow your online reputation.

Reviews, Testimonials, Directories, Listings, & Citations

Build Your Reputation Everywhere

Not only do we help drive more reviews for your practice, but we also push your business listing information across the entire web. That means you’re showing up everywhere on every platform wherever patients are currently looking.

Become the #1 Chiropractor in your community.

Review Collection & Management

Collect More Patient Reviews

Grow Your Reputation

Patients rely on reviews to qualify their health care providers. Make sure your practice stands out.

Review Automation

Tap into technology to automate your review collection process for streamlined review growth.

Review Responses

Streamline review responses to make sure you're engaging and showing that you care.

Review Filters

Catch negative reviews before they are posted so you and your team can rectify the situation.

Negative Management

Properly deal with negative reviews with professionalism to maintain your online reputation.

Build Rankings

Drive your listing rankings by having more reviews and patient engagement activity on your listing.

Get More Patient Reviews

Strategies to Drive More 5-Star Ratings

We work directly with you and your team to help strategize on getting more reviews from your patients. This could include things like text message automations, QR codes at check-out, email blasts to past patients, and more.

The more reviews, ratings, and testimonials, the better!

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How to elevate your social media presence to build authority and become the go-to Doctor in your market.

Tap into the power of content marketing to build and nurture your tribe into lifelong patients.

Learn to utilize automation to free up your time and keep your calendar full without lifting a finger.

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The best place to have a patient leave a review is on your Google Business Profile.

This is the #1 place patients go to read reviews, so building your review collection here is extremely important.

Once you have a good amount of reviews on Google, the next places to focus on would be Facebook Reviews and Yelp Reviews. Both of these platforms are also great for building your online reputation.

The more the better! Google Reviews are a go-to place for patients to see if you are reputable. So getting the absolute most reviews you can get is the way to really grow your online trust.

It's also important to make sure you have recent reviews. This shows that you are still actively receiving praise from your patients. And this also shows Google that you're active and receiving engagement online.

There are hundreds of directories that list local businesses. And you should try to be on all of them! The more listing sites you can get on, the better. There are 2 main reasons to focus on building your citations:

  1. Visibility: The more places you are, the more opportunities there are for people to be exposed to you and your office.
  2. SEO: Google crawls all of these websites, and the more places you show up, the better it is for your organic rankings.

Yes! Responding to patient reviews is extremely important. This shows future patients who are reading your reviews that you are actively engaged in making sure everyone has a positive experience. It also shows Google that you are actively engaging with your customers which boosts your online authority.

Negative reviews are typically far and few between. When it does happen, don't panic. The best thing to do is provide a professional and approachable response to the review. There is no sense in arguing with someone online, even if they are in the wrong. You lose either way.

Your goal here is to try and mitigate their anger towards you while also putting your best foot forward for other future patients reading your reviews.

Sometimes if a review is fake or spam, you can flag it for Google to review. Then it will be Google's discretion if they should remove the review or not.

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