How Chiropractors Can Get Better Results from Facebook Ads

Many Chiropractors are using Facebook ads for their businesses. Advertising on social media is not a new strategy, especially in the Chiropractic space. Patients are on Facebook and running ads can help you get your message in front of them. The problem? The leads usually suck. If you’ve run Facebook Ads for your office, then you know the struggle of the terrible lead quality you can get from your ads.

You’ve probably experienced:

  • Bad contact information.
  • Leads that stop responding to you.
  • Leads that don’t respond at all.
  • Appointments that don’t show up.
  • Patients that show up for only 1 appointment but don’t commit to long-term care.

It’s no wonder why Chiropractors are sick of dumping money into social advertising. It feels like you’re just burning cash that you could use elsewhere in your practice. Unfortunately, there are too many “Facebook Ad gurus” who have led you down the wrong path. They’ve overpromised what they can do for you, they’ve implemented a bad strategy, they’ve spent your money, and then left you wondering where your new patients are.

We see this every single day. If you want to get better results and actually drive patient growth from social media, then we pulled together some tips on what you can do to make your social media efforts actually worth it. So let’s dive in.

Use A 2-Step Approach

So many Chiropractors out there are strictly running a “New Patient Offer” and trying to blast it in front of everyone they can. The problem with this approach is that you’re not actually building a loyal patient. Instead, you’re just pulling in people who might be interested in a good deal.

Your ideal patient is someone committed to their health, so instead of just pushing out a new offer, focus on finding those that are actually interested in achieving a healthier lifestyle and want to solve health problems for themselves and their family members.

Step 1 – Educate

Use your Facebook Ads as a way to educate your local community. People are driving by your office every single day who need your services but they literally don’t even know what you do. So start by educating people about all the things you do and can help people with.

Provide value to them upfront and educate. Create articles and videos that give people tips and tricks to resolve headaches, back pain, sleep problems, etc. Blast this educational content out to your local area.

As people consume your content, you can retarget them. Once someone watches one of your videos, put them into an audience and push more content to them. Run more videos and articles at them. The more educational content they consume, the more invested they’ll be in their own health. Plus, they’ll get to know, like, and trust you.

Drive engagement through education and you’ll start building an audience of people who now know you, your practice, what you do, and how you can help them.

Step 2 – Call to Action

Now that you’ve built an audience of people who know, like, and trust you, pull them in with your “New Patient Offer”. People who have already engaged with your educational content, learned about who you are and what you do, have seen your brand and your name, are much more likely to actually be interested in coming into your office and committing to improving their overall health.

Entice them with an offer to get them into your practice. Once there and doing your evaluation, continue to educate them. The more your patients understand about your science and the benefits you can provide to their health, the more they will trust you and the more likely they’ll be committed to long-term care.

Use Targeting For Higher Income Audiences

In your Facebook audiences, try adding layers to focus on higher-income patients. You can’t specify the income range in your audience, but you can work around that by focusing on attributes that would indicate someone having a higher income. Things like zip code targeting, higher education, job titles, etc. can you help you identify those that would typically have a higher income and therefore would have more disposable income for things like Chiropractic care. 

By targeting those with higher income, you can filter out those that are less likely to have the income to stick with a care plan financially.

Use a Survey To Filter Tire Kickers

During your lead collection process, insert a step towards the end that pushes them through a short health survey. Start collecting more information about their health issue they are seeking help with. You don’t necessarily have to go super in-depth with lots of questions like a traditional new patient form, but adding a few extra questions for them to fill out is going to really help filter out tire kickers and instead only pull in the leads from patients that are serious about getting help with a health issue.

Collect a Pre-Payment For The Appointment

After you’ve collected the lead information, follow up with them to secure payment for the new patient special. If you’re offering your first appointment for $29, collect that payment over the phone before they come in.

Or you can use marketing technology to automatically ask for that payment online so it doesn’t take your staff’s time. Getting the lead to make a financial commitment will greatly increase the likelihood that they will actually show up for their first appointment and once again filter out those leads that are not taking it seriously.

Enable Online Appointment Booking

People absolutely hate picking up the phone and placing a call. Especially to businesses. Phone trees, waiting on hold, not being able to get through to the right people, and so many more bad experiences have left people wanting better solutions. Technology has made that possible and there are less and less reasons for people to actually need to place phone calls anymore. They can do everything online!

You can enable online appointment bookings too. Doing so is going to give your leads another avenue for actually booking a time slot with your office and making that commitment. So instead of having a list of leads that you’re trying to call and getting voicemails, you’re seeing appointments get booked automatically for you online. Once you collect a lead, you can use your automated workflow to invite them to book their appointment online using your online calendar. No human interaction is needed to secure that appointment.

You’ll see leads convert to appointments at a much higher rate without you needing to do any additional work.

Follow Up Immediately

People are busy, and attention spans are short. Once you receive a lead, you should follow up with that lead immediately. The longer you wait to engage back with that lead, the less likely you’ll be able to convert them into an appointment. The lag between when they show interest and when you talk to them, too many different things can get in the way and prevent them for making that commitment. 

You and your staff are not going to be available immediately for every new lead. So you can take the stress of the follow-up off your plate by inserting marketing technology to automate your lead follow-up. Once you receive a lead, have your software automatically text and email them a templated message. That way you’re able to follow up with them immediately every single time without having to do it manually. You’ll find that quick and good follow-up will greatly increase your likelihood of converting leads. We use CHIROPIPE which is an awesome system for automating your workflows and driving in conversions from your leads.

In Conclusion

Chiropractors should take these six tips to heart when it comes to running a successful Facebook Ad campaign. Facebook Ads work if it’s executed correctly and strategically. If you’re not getting the results you need from Facebook, try out these strategies in your campaigns to help increase your lead quality and see real patient growth. Or if you need help, connect with us for a free Facebook Ads audit and we can go through your account and provide a specific plan to get your campaigns performing the way they should be.

Nick is the Founder of CHIROBASIX, a marketing agency that specializes in helping Chiropractors dominate their local markets and drive new patient acquisition.

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