6 Chiropractic Marketing Tactics to Implement In 2021

If you’re a Chiropractor that is looking to grow their practice, it’s a never ending battle to pull in new patients into your office. It’s good to keep things fresh, try new tactics, and continue being innovative with your local marketing strategies. A lot of Chiropractors rely on referrals to grow. Unfortunately, those referrals are not consistent and something you don’t have a lot of control over. 

Looking at other avenues to grow your inbound patient acquisition is important. The more channels you can pull people into your office, the more consistently you can grow. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Figure out several ways you can effectively grow your inbound leads and your new patient appointments.

We pulled together a few ideas that you may not have considered before for your Chiropractic marketing program. These campaigns, when implemented well, can help you find new ways to drive in new patients into your office and grow your practice.

1. New Mover Postcards

There are direct mail programs that exist that let you target people who just moved into town. Each month, they pull a list of all new movers in your target area. They take that list and automatically send out a postcard to that address.

Why is this great? Well first, it’s automated. Once you set it up, you’ll have this outreach in place that happens for you automatically every single month. Secondly, you’re able to be the first Chiropractor to get in front of people that just moved into your area. This is an awesome opportunity to capture new local residents’ attention before they make a decision on their new local health providers.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $0.60 – $1.00 per postcard sent out, which is not bad since that will include pulling the new mover lists, printing the personalized cards, postage, and delivery.

2. Missed Call Text Back

With the right Chiropractic marketing software in place, you can track incoming calls to your practice. And it’s actually extremely surprising how many calls you miss. Even with front desk staff, it’s too easy to accidentally miss an inbound call. These inbound calls are critical, especially for new patients. If someone is looking for a Chiropractor and you miss their call, it’s likely they are going to move onto the next local listing. You probably won’t be getting another call from them.

Instead of losing out on these opportunities, you can set up an automation that automatically texts any missed inbound calls. This shows that you’re interested in chatting with them and keeps them engaged with your business before moving onto their next local office option.

chiropractic texting service

Simple general messaging can help keep that new patient engaged with your office:

“Sorry we missed your call! How can we help you? Would you like to book an appointment?”

3. Website Chat Widget

chiropractor website chat widgets

Website Chat is a HUGE way to capture leads. The inside secret is that your chat widget does not need to be a live interaction. You do not have to staff someone on a live chat in order for this to be effective. When visitors land on your website, the little chat bubble in the corner asks for their information (name, phone, email). Once they fill that out, you immediately get their information so you can follow up with them at your convenience. Obviously, the sooner you can get in touch with them, the better.

It’s basically a contact form, but it’s disguised as a chat bubble, which drastically increases your conversion rates. People much prefer chatting than filling out a contact form not knowing where it’s going. There’s a level of confidence that comes with a chat widget that turns more website visitors into leads for your office.

4. Google Ads

In your area, there are already a ton of people that are looking for your services. They are either actively looking for a Chiropractor or a treatment for an issue they are experiencing. Google Ads is a paid marketing channel that allows you to list your office at the top of those search results. You become the top choice when someone searches for things like “Chiropractor near me”.

Since these patients are already looking for your services, this is low-hanging fruit. You want to be at the top of Google because this is where patients are going to find Chiropractors.

chiropractor google ads

The best part? You only pay for these ads when someone actually clicks on your ad. That means you are not wasting money with ads that don’t result in a patient visiting your website. Google Ads can be a little costly, but since these visitors have “high intent” and are actively looking for you, you’ll have better luck turning these into actual patient appointments for your office.

5. Check-in & Win

It’s no secret in the Chiropractic world that having a strong Facebook presence is essential for establishing yourself in the community. It’s also no secret that referrals are a huge part to practice success. So why not do both of these in one?

A “Check-in & Win” giveaway is essentially where you encourage your patients to “check-in” to your Facebook Page when they are visiting. That action of “checking in” on Facebook puts them in the running to win a prize. When people are checking in to your business’s location on Facebook, their entire friend’s list is seeing this. That’s like a passive referral to everyone on their lists. If anyone in their circle of influence needs any help with their health, they just got a recommendation from their friend or relative to visit you.

On top of filling your community’s feeds with Facebook check-ins, you’re also building up your Facebook page’s reputation and authority. If someone lands on your Facebook page and they see a bunch of people have been checking in to the page, they’re much more likely to trust your practice (especially if it’s people they know).

The giveaway prize can be anything that you’d like. Things like Apple TVs, Alexa’s, Amazon gift cards, swag bags, etc can create some excitement to win.

6. Automatic Reviews

chiropractor review automation

Part of establishing your reputation in the community is having a lot of reviews. Google Reviews are so important. The more reviews you can generate, the more trustworthy your business looks online.

To help build your online reviews, you’ll want to use marketing software to build an automated process to ask patients for reviews. When a patient leaves your office, you should shoot them a text message asking about their experience and giving them a link to leave a review. 

By automating this process, it doesn’t hold you or your staff down with repetitive tasks while also giving easy access for all your patients to leave you a review online and build your reputation. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can earn reviews just by simply asking your patients consistently. Build the automation needed and get this rolling right away to start building up your patient reviews.

More Chiropractic Marketing Strategies

If you need help implementing any of these marketing tactics for your practice or want other ideas on how you can grow, get in touch with our team for a free consultation. We work with DC’s across the country and would be happy to review systems that can help your practice see massive growth.

Nick is the Founder of CHIROBASIX, a marketing agency that specializes in helping Chiropractors dominate their local markets and drive new patient acquisition.

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