How To Get More Chiropractic Patient Leads from Your Website

As a local Chiropractor, your website is the first thing a new patient will see when they are browsing new Chiropractic providers for their health care. Patients have a lot of options, so it’s important to capitalize with every website visitor to try and get them into your office. Each contact you receive turns into a lead for your practice, and every lead is extremely valuable for your practice.

How To Optimize Your Chiropractic Website

There are a variety of conversion optimization strategies for your website that will greatly increase your ability to capture leads and book new appointments. Once you have an established website, it’s easier to go through and make small tweaks that can have a big impact on your conversion rates. We’re going to review the top 6 tips in optimizing your website to drive those leads in.

1. Phone Number In Your Website Header & Footer

It should go without saying that you can’t expect to convert any visitors if they don’t know how to contact you. The first thing you want new visitors to see when they come to your website is your contact information; make it super easy for them to reach out to you. Put your phone number in both the header and footer of your site so it’s visible on every page. Plus, make that phone number a clickable link that initiates a phone call. Most of your visitors are going to be on mobile devices so making it super easy for them to just click-to-call right at the top of every page is going to drastically increase the number of phone calls you receive.

Don’t forget to also include a map, directions, your address, and your email so prospects never have to hunt for a way to get in touch with you.

2. Online Booking Calendar On Your Website

With today’s technology, many people hate picking up the phone and calling. You can appease those patients by giving them the option to book their appointment online. Use software to integrate your calendar with an online booking system. By having an online calendar, you are streamlining your patient’s ability to book themselves at their own convenience without needing to talk to someone at the office. You’ll not only see an increase in booked appointments, but you’ll also take some weight off of your staff’s shoulders from being on the phone all the time.

You can even get a calendar that integrates with your EHR system to make it even easier for your staff without overbooking yourself. We use a system with our clients called CHIROPIPE.

3. New Patient Special Web Page

A lot of practices offer new patients a special offer for their first appointment. Build a page and layout the details for your new visitors what they can get as a new patient. If they know that their first visit is less financially risky so they can get a feel for everything you have to offer, you’ll see an influx of people reaching out in order to book their first appointment. Plus, you can set the expectation right for their first visit so they know what they are getting into when they book. Call out your new patient special on several of your pages in order to draw in new patients to learn more about your offer.

4. Add A Website Chat Widget

Adding a website chat widget will drastically increase the number of visitors that contact you. And don’t mistake this for a “live chat”. You do not need a live operator on the other end. These website chat widgets are basically just a form that displays itself in a chat bubble-looking icon. The perception for your visitors is that it’s an instant message communication, but you and your staff can treat it just like any other form on your website.

This psychological trick will drastically increase the number of inquiries you receive without any additional effort.

5. Display Patient Testimonials On Your Web Pages

It’s important to show patient testimonials and reviews throughout your site. This will not only make potential patients feel like they are not alone, but it also proves to them that you have credibility. Patients want to know that their health is in good hands with a chiropractor so having testimonials on your site can help serve as a testimony for them. Plus, it can help them to get a feel for what kind of experience to expect and how you treat your patients.

The best way to collect reviews is using your Google My Business listing and then pulling these reviews onto your website. So as new reviews are posted online, it keeps this fresh content being pulled in to your site for new patients to see. Make sure you are taking the steps needed to pull in lots of new reviews on a regular basis.

6. Add Strong Calls-To-Action Throughout Your Website

When visitors hit your site, you want it extremely obvious the next steps they should be taking. That’s why you want to have big, high-contrast buttons in several areas of your site the call them to take the next step.

  • Book An Appointment
  • Contact Us
  • Schedule Now
  • Call Our Office

Use language in your buttons throughout to promote your visitors to get in touch with you. Calling them to action is simple yet extremely effective to getting patients to take the next step with you.

Tracking Your Chiropractic Website's Conversion Rates

It’s important to track your conversions on your website so you can have a clear understanding of how well your website is performing at bringing in new patients. Every time someone takes an action on your website, you should track that event and what channel it came from. Here are the most common events you should be tracking:

  • Contact Form Submissions
  • Online Appointment Submissions
  • Chat Widget Submissions
  • Clicks to Call
  • Clicks to Email
  • Get Directions
  • PDF Downloads (new patient forms)

These are all actions someone can take on your website that turns into a lead for your practice. By installing an analytics tool (like Google Analytics), you can start tracking these types of events and understanding your website’s conversion rates. Establishing a base link in your conversion rates will help you see the impact it has when you make small changes to your site.

Optimizing Your Chiropractic Website For Leads

Optimizing your website for conversions will have a big impact on the number of people that actually reach out to you after hitting your site. You’ve done the work of building a site, you’re doing the activities to drive people to your website, now it’s about getting them to take action and connect with you so they can book and start their care.

If you built your website on your own, make sure to get through this list and check your site to follow these conversion tips.

If you’re using a website partner, go through this list with them to make sure you have everything optimized to drive in as many leads as possible.

If you need help with your website, we’re here for you.

Nick is the Founder of CHIROBASIX, a marketing agency that specializes in helping Chiropractors dominate their local markets and drive new patient acquisition.

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